Hans Bracquené

Hans Bracquené

LL.M, MA - Master’s degree in law and master’s degree in Economics

After 10 years of being an in-house counsel in industry, including at the renowned micro-electronics research center IMEC, Hans became an independent legal consultant in 1991.

At IMEC, Hans Bracquené was responsible for the legal and financial aspects of contract research. IMEC has more than 200 bilateral research contracts, with the major European electronics companies as well as with SMEs, and is the most important Belgian participant in the ESPRIT program. IMEC is also participating in RACE, BRITE, Joule, in different EUREKA projects and in projects of the European Space Agency.

In relation to IMEC's participation in the projects of the Framework Program, Hans Bracquené dealt with all financial and legal aspects. Hans was also responsible for IMEC’s patent policy.

As an independent consultant he is still advising IMEC on these questions.

Both at IMEC and as a consultant, Hans Bracquené has been involved in the legal and financial organization of spin-off companies.

From May 1988 until September 1991, Hans Bracquené was Adviser of the Belgian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Budget and of Science Policy, responsible for international scientific cooperation (EU, ESA, Eureka, Airbus) and industrial R&D. In this capacity he negotiated as a member of the Belgian delegation the Third Framework Program. Special attention was thereby devoted to the pre-competitive character of the Framework Program and the relationship between Eureka and the Framework Program.

Hans Bracquené was also responsible for improving the participation of the Belgian industry in the ESA projects. In close co-operation with the Belgian delegation at ESA, a new policy, aimed at emphasizing Belgium's position in some ESA programs (e.g. telecommunications), was laid down.

He has also prepared the restructuring of Belairbus, the grouping of the Belgian participants in the Airbus program.

From July 1999 until July 2004: Counsel and Chief of Staff to the Flemish Minister for Innovation Policy, Finance and Town Planning. 

From July 2004 until June 2006: Chief of Staff of the Belgian Federal Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior. 

From June 2006 until December 2007: Chief of Staff of the Belgian Minister of Economic Affairs and Science Policy.


Hans holds a master’s degree in law and a master’s degree in Economics, both from the University of Leuven.