Agreements and Transactions

As a one-stop shop for innovative organizations, IPLodge supplements excellence in the protection of intellectual property, with the legal expertise required to allow you to reap the benefits from your innovation by creating the right contractual relationships.

Depending on your needs, we can provide model contracts or negotiate the agreement that best fits your needs. In close cooperation with Bracquené Legal Consulting we ensure that you get the most out of your intellectual property and take maximum advantage of the various government research programs.

Many intellectual property rights undergo a change in ownership at some point in their lifetime, or become the object of a license or a right in rem. Companies or divisions owning intellectual property rights may go up for sale, effectively changing the control over the rights. Organizations involved in opposition proceedings may undergo a change of control, which may or may not cause a transfer of procedural status. In all these cases, it is important to get it right and not to leave any matters to chance. Both the proprietor and the acquirer need to be correctly informed about the strengths and weaknesses of the intellectual property rights involved in the transaction, in order to pay or get a fair and correct price, and the instruments effecting the transaction must be drawn up in such a way that they are valid, binding, and opposable to third parties.

IPLodge can smoothen your transaction by assisting you with IP portfolio analysis (due diligence), IP valuation, contract negotiation, legal document drafting, and registration of the legal instruments with the authorities (European Patent Office, national patent offices, trademark offices, etc.).