Patent Filing and Prosecution

IPLodge takes care of all the filing formalities, monitors all relevant deadlines and manages the payment of annuities for your patent, trademark and design applications. We have extensive experience in the prosecution of patents in the fields of engineering, physics, electronics, information and communication technology, and automotive.

Our patent attorneys are qualified to represent applicants before the European Patent Office, the national offices of the Benelux countries, and the UKIPO. For your filing needs in other jurisdictions, we rely on our vast network of trusted foreign agents, while remaining your single point of contact.

At every step along the grant procedure, we will help you understand the technical and legal issues, while keeping in mind your business interests. We help you take advantage of the various regional and international agreements to streamline the procedures to obtain parallel protection in multiple jurisdictions, and indicate when you could benefit from filing divisional application, continuations, and the like. You can rely on our experience to find the best way to defend your intellectual assets, in writing and at oral proceedings.

If your idea is not ready for patenting or falls outside the scope of patent law, you may still wish to obtain proof of possession of your idea before you talk to potential investors, industrial partners, or other third parties. We can take care of a confidential registration with a proof of date, and supply adequate non-disclosure agreements to cover the intended contacts with third parties.

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